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Cabinets Exterior - Wipe Down
Cabinets Inside - Vacuum and wash
Countertops - Total clean
(Move and wipe all items on counter and return them to their original places.)
Fridge Exterior - Wipe Outside
Stove Exterior - Wipe Outside
Move Fridge and Stove away from wall
(Clean dirt and dust behind & clean sides and walls)
Microwave- Clean inside and out
Ceilings and ceiling fans dusted and cleaned of cobwebs
Garbage Pail - Emptied and wiped
Table and Chairs - Wiped as needed
Toaster emptied and wiped down
(only if on counter)
Coffee pot - Emptied and wiped down
Dirty Dishes - Put in dishwasher and if full will start it
Kitchen Sinks - Scrub, clean and shine
Patio door- Fully clean including track, glass and handle
Fixtures - Cleaned and polished
Floors - Vacuumed and mopped


Light fixtures - Dust
Exhaust vent - Clean
Mirror - Clean and wipe frame
Sink - Scrub and clean
Tub/Shower - Scrub and clean
Toilets - Scrub and clean
(Inside, outside of toilet, wall of vanity beside toilet, wall of tub/shower beside toilet, floor around toilet as well as hose connection and baseboard at back of toilet)
Wall hangings (Damp wipe and dry)
Windows - Ledges and Blinds
Door - Inside and out
Light Switches
Fixtures - Clean and polish
Towels - Fold and display (As required)
Toilet Paper
(replacement if needed)
Empty garbage
Floors - Vacuum and mop


Tidy and straighten rooms
Fireplace - Electric or Gas (Dust and clean glass)
Fireplace - Woodburning
(Vacuum across front of fireplace only)
Ceilings and ceiling fans (Dust cobwebs)
Blinds/windowsills - Dust and wipe
Windows - Spot wipe windows
Baseboards - Dust and vacuum
Furniture - Dust and wipe
Decorations - Dust and wipe
Lampshades - Dust and wipe
Coffee/end tables - Dust and wipe
Walls - Spot wipe
Doors and Door frames - Clean
Light switches - Clean
Beds - Make beds with fresh linens if left out
Garbage - Empty trash/wipe pail
Floors - Vacuum and/or mop
Halls and stairs - Mop / vacuum
Vacuum fabric furniture and remove cushions and vacuum under
Closet shelves and floors
(wipe down and vacuum)
Deep Clean


Move In / Move Out



Flat Rate Price Doubled (x2)

Flat Rate Price


Flat Rate Pricing:

We based our Flat Rate price on the # of bedrooms in a home. Not because the bedrooms need the most cleaning because in actual fact they don’t but rather the number of rooms is often indicative of the size of a home’s kitchen and living areas. Should there be additional offices, dens and living spaces outside the regular size allocation per flat rate option, we reserve the right to adjust the pricing once we have arrived at your home and have viewed it in person. We ask that you please book honestly as our staff are scheduled based on the size of home you book and our goal is to have the right team clean efficiently and with excellence so you can be delighted with the outcome every time.

Flat Rate Pricing:

We love long term clients and they love us! Happy House cleaning expertstakes on the jobs they don’t need to do so they can focus on the things they want to do.

As an ongoing client you receive:

  • A discount off your recurring fee. (Our most popular is bi-weekly cleans)
  • Preferred day and times are always first choice for our recurring clients. (based on availability.
  • A dedicated Cleaning Expert (individual or team) will be assigned to your home ongoing so you exactly who is caring for your home.
  • Extras can be added on any time. Just communicate with your Cleaning Expert
  • Easy pay process allows you to pay with credit card and have your clean process every clean without the need for an invoice or ask for payment from us.

Select Extras

Select additional services to your happy house cleaning plan

Finished basement +$25

Finished Basement with
kitchen/bar & bathroom +$45

Laundry Service +$10 per load

Inside Cabinets +25

Ironing (up to 10 items) +$25

Inside Fridge +$75 – Deluxe Clean
Empty completely & clean fully

Inside Windows & Screens +$15 per room


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