The safest, healthiest clean on the market.

A clean home is the cornerstone of good health and wellbeing. We believe that how you clean your home makes a big difference to creating a sustainable and manageable approach to living our motto “Life Made Simple”.

We are proud to partner with ENJO Canada, solely using their fibre technology and products to deliver dependable results. We believe that ENJO is the safest, healthiest clean on the market.

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Rotation Cleaning Process

Let’s face it some areas might be okay but the heavy traffic areas need more attention. We know what a typical life cycle looks like in the world of dirt, dust and grime and we are here to stop the build up in it’s tracks.

Our Rotation Cleaning Process provides our cleaning experts a systematic approach to creating consistency in how we clean, what we clean and how you feel when you come home.

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Why Work With Us

Hiring Happy House Cleaning Experts ensures:

  • Your home is respected. We will treat it with the care as if it were our own. Our employees are vetted and trained carefully before they enter your home.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • Online booking and easy pay process. Choose your service, choose your date and your frequency. We keep it simple.


We Bring The Supplies

Our cleaning experts come prepared with all supplies to make your house shine! However, if you would prefer us to use your own supplies instead, just let the team know in advance of their arrival.

Did You know?

It is scientifically proven that using ENJO cleaning products result in a 6x cleaner environment than using traditional house cleaners. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals in any of our cleaning products.

6X Cleaner Environment



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